If you're here, I'm going to assume you're stoked on the fenders and are considering giving back. Which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Thanks.

I'll be using this to realize my dream of starting a new community oriented business.

I didn't create this website to get rich, and I'm certainly not trying to sell bike fenders. Not that there's anything wrong with selling bike fenders - it's just not my jam. I made this website to share the stoke, and contribute to a community which has made a positive impact on my life.

I put up this donations page to give the community the opportunity to give back. I expect nothing in return for the fenders, and these donations should not be considered payment for their use.

Thanks again — Paxton

Paxton Brewer getting rad on his bike

I'm Paxton

I like designing, building and fixing stuff. Send me an email if you have feedback on these fenders or if you have an idea for a project.