Step 1 — Get your materials together

There's a whole section on materials.

Step 2 — Get your tools ready

Tools needed:

Step 3 — Print and cut out the templates

Each fender prints out on a single 8.5” x 10” sheet of paper.

If you're feeling creative, color outside the lines and tweak the template to your liking. That's what DIY is all about.

Cut out the templates with scissors.

Step 4 — Mark mounting hole locations on the suspension saver

You'll need to make mounting holes in your fenders to put the zip ties through. The suspension saver (rear fender) template has indicators, but every bike is different (especially rear triangles). For the best results, hold the paper template up to your bike and mark the mounting hole locations on them.

On my bike, the long part of the fender faces up to protect my linkage and rear shock. On some bikes, it might make sense to have the long part of the fender pointing down. I have a tube between my seat stays to mount the center of my fender to. Some bikes (most Santa Cruz bikes) do not have a tube between the seat stays.

Step 5 — Cut out your fenders

Trace your paper fender templates on your plastic sheet with a pen. Cut out your fenders. Cut just inside the line so you don't have a black edge around your fender. Be careful and don't hurt yourself.

Step 6 — Drill your mounting holes

Use your paper templates as a guide. It's easiest to put your template on top of your plastic fender and drill through both of them in one go.

If you don't have a drill, you can use a hole punch, or a utility knife, or even the end of heated up screwdriver to make your mounting holes. But you should really just get a drill, they are endlessly useful.

Step 7 — Mount your fenders on your bike

Make sure you don't put any zip ties on top of brake or shifter cables. Also make sure that your fender isn't going to rub against any moving parts of your bike, particularly your fork stanchions. Clip off the long ends of your zip ties and you're ready for…

Step 8 — Ride

Ride like the wind, brothers and sisters.

Step 9 — Tag us on social media

We want to see your fender creations in action. Post some pics and tag them with #freebikefender